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Booklist for 2nd Class 2021/2022


Fuaimeanna agus Focail - Litriú do Rang 2 (2nd Edition) Folens

Literacy - Penmanship

Mrs.Murphy’s Cursive 2nd Class Writing copy Edco


Master Your Maths 2 CJ Fallon
Tables Expert B – Gill Skills - Gill Ed.
Busy at Maths 2 CJ Fallon

Busy at Maths 2nd Class Shadow Book 2nd Class CJ Fallon


Let’s Discover 2nd Class (Pack) CJ Fallon


Tin Whistle in the Key of D & A4 Display folder to store your music tunes

Books available on our 2nd Class Book Rental Scheme €30

[ Bua na Cainte 3, Cairde le Chéile, Trip in Time, Adventures by the Sea, Bedtime Stories,
Read at Home 2 – new edition, Interactive Spellings for Me, a selection of library readers
& class novels, Grow in Love 3rd, SESE: History, Geography & Science - selected readers ]

Please ensure your child has the following: their Baptismal Candle

3 writing 88 page copies, homework diary, 2 pencils, eraser, sharpener, 30cm ruler,
2 red biros, 2 large pritt sticks, a set of twistables / markers / colouring pencils.
Label all your child’s belongings, especially sweater, tracksuit top, shirts.

Cullen NS Charges 2021/2022: 2nd Class

Photocopying / Art & Craft materials €25 for 1 child, €40 for 2 children, €60 for
3 children & €70 for 4 children or more to be paid to Front Office in September.
Pupil Personal Accident Insurance – 24 hr cover, all activities €7
Total = Book Rental €30 + Photocopying/Art + Insurance €7

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