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Just Phonics 42 sounds (Junior Infants) (Educate)
Jolly Phonics Wordbook
Sounds in Action Senior Infants (Folens)
A Sound Beginning for reading Junior Infants (Cj Fallon)
Just Handwriting (pre cursive) Junior Infants (Educate)
Readers will be on rental by the school at a cost of €15 per year.

This includes English and Irish rhyme books.

Busy at Maths (Junior Infants) (CJ Fallon)
Display book 40 clear pockets)
3 A4 Plastic folders zipped
2 A5 Plastic folder zipped
2 X No15 project copies
1 X blank copybook
2X Junior writing copy J09( 40 page)
2X glue sticks
2 large triangular pencils for handwriting
Good eraser and sharpener
Triangular colouring pencils or Twistables

€25 per child for photocopying, art supplies, € 40 for 2 children, €60 for 3 children, €70 for 4 children.
Please put the €25 in an envelope marked ‘‘Supplies’’ and write your child’s name on the envelope. It can
be given to the class teacher during the first week of school in September.

Parents are asked to pay €15 per child for book rental for the coming year.. Please put the money in an
envelope marked with the child’s name and ‘‘Book Rental Scheme.’’ The money from the book rental
scheme is used to buy sets of books and build up stocks for classes.

School Crests will be available from the school office at a cost of €10 each.
Reminder: Please bring a spare set of clothes (pants, under garments and socks) in a labelled bag/shoe
Also please bring an old t-shirt for Art and Craft activities and make sure the child’s name is on it.

Booklist for Junior Infants 2021/2022

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